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Forever White is a long lasting sealant suitable for use anywhere there’s high humidity and a need for maximum hygiene protection. It’s permanently waterproof so the product is ideal for sealing joints in shower trays, washbasins and baths. You can use it for window and door frames too.

The sealant is very flexible so it won’t crack in everyday use. Black mould often grows in warm and wet surroundings. That’s why this product contains ‘Mould Shield’ to ensure effective protection against the growth of bacteria, mildew and mould. In fact, it’s so good, it’s guaranteed to keep the sealant looking good against black mould growth for ten years.

• +/- 25% flexibility

• Quick curing

• Anti-fungal and anti-mould

• Store in cool dry conditions and protect from frost

• 15-20 minutes skin time (time to work the sealant before it starts to cure)

• 24 hours from application until it’s completely set

• Permanently waterproof

• Suitable for areas of high humidity