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Soudal’s Genius Gun fire and acoustic expanding foam is a fast-curing B1 fire class foam that also has exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation properties. It adheres well to most materials and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications including filling gaps from insulation board installation.

The expanding foam offers up to four hours of fire resistance (depending on the joint configuration). It conforms to fire class DIN 4102 (fire behaviour of building materials and elements) and has been graded B1, hardly flammable. The foam fills any irregular gaps between joints, forming a tight seal with an insulation factor of 36mW/mK.

If you need to prevent sound transmitting between areas, it also has an acoustic rating of 58 dB. Soudal’s Genius Gun dispenser makes application easy. It has accurate trigger control, and can even be used one handed.

• Genius Gun applicator for accurate trigger control and one-handed application

• Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties

• Reusable for up to six weeks if bung attached after use

• Impressive adhesion on most construction materials

• Fire resistance, up to 4 hours depending on joint configuration

• Suitable for interior and exterior use

• Fire class DIN 4102 B1

• Acoustic rating – 58 dB

• Insulation factor – 36mW/mK