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The Simpson Strong-Tie Herringbone Joist Strut which measures 400 x 27 x 1mm (L x W x T) is made from pre-galvanised mild steel. The material is known for its formability and resistance to corrosion. The product is superior alternative to unreliable, slow and costly timber struts and also meets bracing requirements for long span domestic floors. It is generally required at centre of span when floor joists exceed 2.5 metres. For spans exceeding 4.5 metres require two rows spaced at 1/3 and 2/3 span. The HSA comes sized to suit joist centre spacing of 400, 450 and 600mm.

Features & benefits

  • Corrosion resistant owing to galvanisation

  • Provides great support with ease of installation

  • CE Marked

  • Ideal for bracing long span domestic floors as sizes of choice is available

  • Designed as an alternative to timber struts