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The Simpson Strong-Tie silver-coloured pre-bent strap is made of pre-galvanised mild steel and measures 1200 x 30mm (L x W). It is bent at 100mm on one end. The product is used horizontal restraints, such as roof trusses, rafters and joists, when connecting timber floors and roof systems to masonry walls. When used horizontally, the space between two consecutive straps should not be more than 2m and should be attached to at least 3 timber members. If used for vertical restraint strapping should be at least 1m long. The number of fixings should be in accordance with the design requirements, and the lowest fixing should be located within 150mm of the bottom of the vertical strap. The product is CE marked and it is suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Features & benefits

  • Strap can be pre-bent to be used as both vertical and horizontal restraints

  • Pre-galvanised mild steel gives the product better durability and strength

  • Conforms to ISO 9001 Quality Management